Sculpture in the House: Style or Bust

Sculpture in the House: Style or Bust

Have you been trying to figure out what to put on your chest of drawers? Do you desire a curated, classical signature for your front entrance? Maybe you’re just stumped as to what to do with all your bookshelves. The answer: the classical bust palaces.

A chest is a sculpted or cast likeness of the top portion of the human figure, typically of the neck and head but sometimes involving the chest and shoulders. The likeness generally rests on a very simple or decorative foundation. Busts can be formed from many different materials, such as bronze, marble, clay, concrete and fiberglass. Classic busts abound in antiques stores and on eBay; reproductions are also widely available. The people depicted in this art form are usually figures from ancient Greece and Rome, using more modern depictions being artists and musicians.

Take a peek at these designers use classical busts in their own designs, which makes them head and shoulders above the rest.

Huntley & Co.. Interior Design

The very striking way to show a bust is on an entrance table with fresh flowers and small curiosities. I enjoy how this bust of Hermes is layered with all the exact appropriate selection of Greek primary trim on the drapery panel.

This bust in white feels a bit more whimsical on the chest of drawers against the group of lively patterns. The repetition but synced in colour. This is a great mix.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

More suitable for a house without pets or children, this museum-style display of a traditional female bust poised upon a marble base makes a grand statement in this entry.

This headless bust provides the impression of age while making an easy and stately impression with this living room mantel. Gorgeous space!

Dayna Katlin Interiors

Try a bust in a living area niche with downlighting. No flowers to replace — only regular dusting.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

This is Hermes again, doing double duty as messenger of the gods and also holder of the ties. An enjoyable addition to any closet, a bust can also hold scarves and necklaces.

Glenn Gissler Design

I’d consider this a great vignette using its bold palette of black and gold. The classical lines of this console table are perfectly paired with the lamp and also small-scale bust. Here the bust requires a backseat to the other accessories but gives the softer detail that’s pleasing to the eye.

It is OK to put objects in front of artwork. I really like the layered effect of the breasts in front of the art. The female form in white sets off the colors in the painting.

Abbott Moon

Try a bust packed with books in shelves to get a timeless library texture. This male breasts adds a timeless coating and doubles as a bookend in this handsome library.

Does a bust add classical allure to a room? Allow me to know what you believe in the Comments section below.

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