Rustic Country Style Meets Sleek City Chic

Rustic Country Style Meets Sleek City Chic

Are you currently a city kid at heart but crave a tiny rustic design? Or did you develop in the country but have rooted your family firmly in the city? Don’t worry — you can mix these two contrasting styles without difficulty. When done in calculated doses, the pairing of slick, modern urban finishes with rustic, easy state touches can be very refreshing.

Mixing raw wood finishes with glossy tile, installing geometric patterns in rustic materials or spicing up country-style spaces with bright colours can all work when done right. What’s the key to this diverse mashup? Endings, lines and balance.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Perhaps you reside in the city, surrounded by shiny Ikea surfaces and hardly a tree in sight. Add just a little bit of rustic design with a thick slab headboard. Keeping the end glossy and the scale oversize will allow the rustic wood to blend seamlessly into your modern apartment.

Hufft Projects

Is your pool deck looking a little sterile? Your white tiles may be pretty and functional but lack visual thickness. Try waking your minimalist poolside design with thick-cut stools such as these to break up the sea of white.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Beginning from the top wall, this bath is all modern, right down to the smart toilet and bidet layout. Rustic design takes off out there with the trendy wood-grain flooring.


Bobo Intriguing Objects Stacked Wood Side Table – $1,199

Although you reside in the country, with a lot of building materials in your fingertips, but have a design aesthetic. Try flipping logs on their head, using the trim ends to make a geometric layout that is modern.

Joan Heaton Architects

Do you long to get just a tiny cabin in the woods but don’t want to give your modern trappings? No problem! Mix and match the two by maintaining typical cabin outfittings glossy and clean. Have a look at the slick traces of cabinetry and that ceiling. Without making the room feel too urban, the steel appliances were put off by them flawlessly.

Chloe Warner

Your love for red, orange and orange can still work together with the wood furniture out of Grandpop’s cabin. A big polished piece of wood makes an ideal rustic necklace for nestling with modern red seats.

Marcus Gleysteen Architects

Birch’s lighter hue and matte finish make it a great wood to use in modern designs. Try cutting a log or pile a load in the fireplace.

Though this distance has lots of rough and rustic elements to add texture, the look remains modern thanks to generous proportions, clean surfaces and minimalist styling.

Beard + Riser Architects

Whether you are attempting to bring a tiny country to the city or maintain just a tiny city in the country, the mixing of the two could be accomplished with finesse. Keep lines and finishes complementary, select your wood accents carefully and be courageous. A small amount of the unexpected can make your space truly distinctive and special.

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