Screen Style Forecast: When the'Girls' Grow Up

Screen Style Forecast: When the'Girls' Grow Up

After HBO’s string Girls premiered April 15, many filmed the birth of the brutally honest and unsentimental Hannah Horvath, written and played to pitch perfection by Lena Dunham. How the 20-somethings in Girls manage the trials and tribulations of their lives reveals so much about their internal selves — and, not surprisingly, their interior decorating fashions. With my hat on, I looked at each character’s present decorating style to predict what it might look like in ten years.

Home Box Office (HBO)

Character: Hannah Horvath
Current style: Quirkyvintage

Hannah’s apartment shows her love of everything crocheted and preloved. It’s peppered with intriguing finds, probably all from the Brooklyn Flea or sidewalk castaways that turned to DIY project. Pieces include mismatched dining seats and a growing collection of refrigerator magnets threatening to place her visually busy space under siege.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Future fashion: Vintage contemporary

In 10 years, Hannah will locate her writing stride and probably become one of the top female screenwriters of her creation. I see that her living in a bungalow in Los Angeles’ Silverlake or Los Feliz area, continuing her everyday journal training and working from her living room living room. She still reaches for the same midcentury modern colours (burnt orange, sage, brown) but can afford some modern iconic bits.

Design Museum

My Egg and Soldiers Toast and Egg Holders – GBP 22

The future Hannah’s signature attachment: After pulling all-night rewrites on a Hollywood set, Hannah habitually eats breakfast 2 p.m. on Sundays surrounded by unique accessories like this toast and egg holder collection. They were given to her by her daddy as a thank-you present for being really cool about the awkward slip-in-the-shower incident she watched when she arrived home to visit her parents a few years ago.


New York Big Printing by Cosas Mínimas – $60

The future Hannah’s powder room wall is coated in: Vignettes devoted to the city that ate up her whole, swirled her around for good measure and then spat her out again — stronger, wiser and picked up by a Hollywood talent agent from CAA following a wild spoken-word performance at the Bowery Poetry Club.

Home Box Office (HBO)

Disposition: Marnie Michaels
Current style: Undefined and confused

Marnie’s decorating style is nonexistent; the apartment she shares with Hannah has Hannah’s quirky classic imprint around it and is filled with tchotchkes and things that exude Marnie’s serious artwork gallery job and and oppressively composed personality.

Rodriguez Studio Architecture PC

Future fashion: Contemporary and minimalist

Clutter free, slightly frosty and devoid of ornamentation, modern minimalism defines both Marnie’s decor style and internal frame of mind. As a 20-something, Marnie is the only one having a job and a steady income. As a 30-something, she’ll probably grow bored of the art world and move on to the only part of gallery life she liked: events. As a sought-after event coordinator, she’ll work hard and play hardly any and spend time at home.

Contemporary Wall Decor – $149.95

Marnie’s signature piece in the home: Abstract artwork. If she stares at it long enough, she catches a glimpse of her joyful self.


Graham & Brown Manor House Wallpaper – $70

Marnie’s powder room wall is coated in: Black background. She also fired her first decorator, who surprised her with a jewel-box powder area. None to stray from what’s comfortable, Marnie’s had black walls ever since her parents let her select her own interior paint colours.

Home Box Office (HBO)

Disposition: Shoshanna Shapiro
Current fashion: Preppy and feminine

Pink is the accent colour of choice, and symmetrical decor positioning is paramount (so is shopping for things at Goal and West Elm using daddy’s emergency credit card). “Shosh” already gets bonus points for choosing X-stools and a damask block-printed sofa, her manner of showing us that she’s got some layout chops underneath the fleece and peace indicators of her Snuggie.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Future fashion: Hollywood Regency

This look is glamorous, glitzy and high shine. Shoshanna’s future apartment will probably shine in yellowish or another energizing colour reflecting her bubbly character. The space will exude a collected and totally curated feel, mostly since Shoshanna has worked to the space with the best design professionals in Manhattan.


Vintage Foo Dog Lamps

The future Shoshanna’s signature attachment: Foo dog lamps. All her frenemies in PR have them in their penthouses, therefore she had to get them too.

Walnut wallpaper

Cow Parsley Wallpaper – $178

The future Shoshanna’s powder room wall is coated in: Chinoiserie background in pink. The colour reminds her college studio’s Thai silk drapes, and the routine is something that her stylish British cousin, Jess, would’ve picked out.

Home Box Office (HBO)

Character: Jessa Johansson
Current fashion: Bohemian

Jessa is crashing at Shoshanna’s New York University studio and technically without an apartment, so I must take her layout cues from her fashion: extended, Eastern-influenced robes, flowing hair, eclectic jewelry and layered clothing — all of telltale signs of bohemian chic.

Philpotts Interiors

Future fashion: Global and diverse

Layered, exotic, complex but apparently thrown together effortlessly, global eclectic is exactly what I love to predict bohemian for grownups — a more collected and considerate bohemian style. I am able to see Jessa fun guests while reclining with this batik blue daybed, kir royale in 1 hand and cigarette in the other. Still quite the transient, she would surprise everybody later on by landing himself a job as an global news correspondent, that could take advantage of her strengths: charm, eloquence and a definitive sense of feeling at home in the world.

Neiman Marcus

Bamboo-Look Mirror – $495

The future Jessa’s signature accessory: This narcissist-hedonist requires a good mirror which reflects her global eclectic taste: a bamboo mirror.


Ming Circus Wallpaper

Jessa’s powder room wall is coated in: Chinoiserie background which was gifted to her by her longtime lover, an heir to some Russian steel empire who’s also her daughter’s dad. The little girl loves the circus quality of these characters; she has a made-up title for each one.

Tune in: Girls airs on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.

Tell us: How has your decorating style evolved through the years? We would love to hear about it.

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