Look Up: There Could Be Living Room in the Attic

Look Up: There Could Be Living Room in the Attic

If you could use more living area, visit the loft. This untapped territory could be converted to that extra guest area you have been longing for, or even a home office for your growing business. Additionally, you can’t beat the great views. If you’re thinking about cleaning out the cobwebs and bringing your loft to life, check out these 12 photographs to imagine just what it might become.

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A cozy dining room. If you’re fortunate enough to have an attic equipped with good windows, then it is very likely to have the very best sun in the house. Install shelving for books, pull some comfy chairs and catch up on your favorite reads.

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A living room. If you have a more conventional home that is made up of a formal living area, dining area and kitchen on the first floor, then you might be longing for a casual family room. The loft could possibly be the solution. Bring up comfortable furnishings and a television for films, and say hello to lots of relaxing weekend afternoons.


The greatest hangout pad. If you would like to be the coolest house in the area, transform your loft into a rec room. Outfit it with sofas and games, and even a fridge for snacks.

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A home office. If you work at home, you understand how important your home office area is. You also understand how fast it seems to fill up with stuff, and how easily it is to be diverted by household goings-on. Fix this by turning your loft into the office. You’ll probably have more space, and the silent of the top floor will help you concentrate.

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A spot for the children. Perhaps they need an extra spot to hang out on their own, use the pc or study. Whatever it is, a room in the loft will give them privacy and a sense of their own space.

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A cupboard. There seems to be enough cupboard space. Even should a cupboard in the attic is not necessarily off your bedroom, then it is the ideal place for keeping bulky off-season items like coats, sweaters and snow gear.

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The great thing about turning your loft into a cupboard is it does not necessarily call for a big renovation. It is unlikely guests will see it, which means you can easily finish the transformation simply by installing a few rods and including a chest of drawers.

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The master bedroom. One of the very valuable qualities of an attic space is silent. If you’re dying for a little peace and a fantastic night’s sleep in a busy household, move the master bedroom into the top floor. You’ll wake up each morning very happy you made the movement.

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A guest room. It is always valuable to have extra places for guests to sleep. Add a mattress or 2 to the loft and you have created a comfortable spot for people to flip in.

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No difficulty when space is tight. If you have room for a bed, then it may still be a guest room.

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Storage. If nothing else, then equip your loft with adequate storage. It will stop the buildup of pubs and lost items, and create the perfect place for holiday decorations, sports gear, and all that other excess stuff requires an organized house.

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