How to Jazz Up a Solid-Front Door

How to Jazz Up a Solid-Front Door

We’ve recently kvelled over fancy doors, however there are loads of approaches to spice up a straightforward solid-front door. There’s a great deal you can do in order to make them particular with paint stains, stencils, fabric, upholstery, embellishments — you name it. With a little imagination and elbow grease, the sky’s the limit.

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If your home didn’t arrive with fabulous doorways or you are a tenant and your doorways are cheap, plain and hollow, I say, fake it’til you create it! Splash a coat of glossy black onto those dull, hollow-core doorways and also add a white border to officially glam it up. The treatment freshens doorways also adds architectural dimension.

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The doorway in the background is definitely custom, however you can create your own from a plain door by simply adding a little detailing using the most basic trim for your local home building shop. Paint it all the same color (or make the embellishment a comparison color) and you have yourself one show quitting doorway!

Allison Cosmos

Paneling clearly clearly didn’t offer enough pizzazz for designer Allison Cosmos. The door was painted using a coral coat of paint in a satin finish before the gloss white layout was implemented. It is possible to attain a similar appearance with any number of stencil designs. Check out Royal Design Studio and Cutting Edge Stencils.

Carey Dodson

If you are not particularly adept at coloring in the lines, express yourself with words. Applying chalkboard paint into a doorway is a excellent way to add interest, keep yourself organized and get kids involved with list-making. You can apply this chalkboard paint treatment to any doorway.

Chalkboard paint works on paneled doors, too. Typography in home decor is all of the rage, after all. Chalkboard paint is widely available. Try Benjamin Moore, RustOLeum or Valspar.

Lauren Liess Interiors

By all means, do not cease at paint remedies; get creative using wallpaper remnants, too. This designer went to romp to the cute lion cut from classic wallpaper (placed above green chalkboard paint), however you can discover great decals from Dezign using a Z or cut your own shapes.

You do not require a huge budget to create a splash with a vibrant colour and stylin’ dwelling amounts. Simple, but such a statement!

If committing to a untraditional door layout feels somewhat risky for you, think about taking a less permanent route: snazzy paint. This deep, brooding, glossy eggplant door shade stands out from the brick and makes a sumptuous background for the glowing green wreath.

Of course the biggest draw of the image is the bright good doorway offset from the fretwork pattern on the wall, but look carefully, and you’ll see a great set of handles on those doors.

It’s The Small Things…

Glossy red door + stylish typographic door numbers = high design without a massive financial commitment.

Van Wicklen Design

Go for another approach with a basic door: Strip down it (or keep it in, or near, its normal condition ) to highlight the structure of the doorway or a nice wood.


While the hardware on this barn door is no joke, the building of this door is not particularly complicated; many industrious DIYers can pull this off. And also the limed/bleached/whitewashed appearance makes the entire thing look simple.

Witt Construction

If you have a somewhat boring-ish passageway that you want to utilize, make it a secret bookcase. You can work thick walls to your advantage this way, or you can furr out the wall a bit (or even a portion of the wall, as seen in this photo) to add a little depth.

Olga Adler

Want a solid-front doorway where you have one with glass panels? Eliminate those panels, hang some curtains on the inside, et voila! Super chic.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

You may know I’m a sucker for stripes, be they vertical or horizontal, but I love that the stripes in this bathroom do not stop at the doorway. On the inside of the bathroom, the continuing stripes result in a small trompe l’oeil from the hall.

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