Everything's Coming Up Coral

Everything’s Coming Up Coral

Something about the saturated, bold color of coral screams warm weather to me. Maybe because it’s such a sexy hue itself, it looks made for the greater temperatures we’ve been seeing around the West Coast of late. Like a 7 o’ clock sunset or a berry maybe not quite ripe for the picking, coral is simply made for this season. Here’s a little bit of inspiration to use the tone to deliver a little sizzle into your house this year.

Fiorella Design

I will start with this very literal interpretation. A slim accent wall in bright coral is accented with a bolster pillow wearing a print containing — you got it, the sea organism of the same name.


My last apartment’s toilet had old, dusty brownish pink tiles on the floor and walls to call it coral would be a disservice to the colour. That said, while it wasn’t as pretty as the hues here, it was definitely in the same color family. The only way to make the room look somewhat pulled together was to pair it with light blue, as done in this blouse and duvet cover set. Both of these colors work incredibly well together.

MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

See what I mean? A match made in beach sunset paradise.


And speaking of the beach, the color also functions like gangbusters when combined with sandy tones.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Or wed all three together!

CWB Architects

Vibrant white and a hit of blue additionally provide a striking balance.

Designs by individual.

Coral tones warm this kitchen without overwhelming it. As a result of a few bits of white tile covering a number of the wall, the overall appearance remains fresh and crisp.

Jan Jessup

Just take the color outdoors — it gets exactly the same effect against slopes for a smattering of brightly blooming flowers.

Friehauf Architects Inc..

Here the colour veers closer to red than orange, whilst coral is farther celebrated with those weighty tabletop specimens.

CWB Architects

Coral pink has chosen from Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon fabric used on the couch squares and cushions the rest of the room through well-placed throws and a joyful bouquet of flowers.

Elizabeth Dinkel

It doesn’t take much to present this spring-to-summer colour — just a window treatment here, a guest towel , or a nicely placed rug!

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