Space Saver: Rotate Bed

Space Saver: Rotate Bed

Attempting to make more room? Or maybe you’re working with a very long, narrow space? Instead of placing your mattress consider placing it lengthwise. In some instances, this means pushing it into a corner, in other words, it entails positioning it along the center of this wall and leaving the mind of the bed without any boundary. There are lots of choices for this layout, and your space can be benefited by each .

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Michael Fullen Design Group

Consider placing your mattress lengthwise along the center of this wall, leaving the mind of the mattress open. In this space, a position proves a match to the three windows that are horizontal. Naturally, always think about the current architecture: It is likely to dictate the ideal positioning for your furniture.

Marie Burgos Design

In this photo, the mattress is accompanied by a desk and keyboard in a somewhat small room; leaving distance on both ends of the mattress makes it feel less cramped and opens room close to the closet.

Shoshana Gosselin

In this space, a bed with the head and foot open provides room for additional storage.

Chambers + Chambers Architects

Consider the perspective in your room. Will positioning your mattress lengthwise maximize it? This designer might have easily placed the head of the bed against the window, but this layout allows the view to be appreciated from the mattress.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Here is another instance where the view is maximized with a lengthwise placement. If you’re considering a renovation, built-in storage round the mattress will create a hiding place for all.

Baysix Design

Attempting to fit two beds into one room but can not make it work? It is possible that setting them lengthwise will offer the solution. A vest at the middle creates a slight separation in addition to storage.

Alder and Tweed

Frequently, placing a mattress lengthwise lets you make use of the remaining part of the space. This room manages to sleep four and double as a living room.


A lengthwise mattress is very good for a kid’s room since it probably doubles as a play area. Sneak storage under the mattress through drawers or even mobile bins to keep matters properly stowed.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Daybeds, by design, are generally placed lengthwise against a wall. They’re another fantastic solution for kids’ rooms, since they keep the room open and therefore are a good transition mattress after the crib.

Roger Hirsch Architect

Lofts and studios can be particularly tricky when trying to fit in all types of furniture in an organized manner. This designer successfully created a bedroom in this tight room utilizing the lengthwise mattress suggestion, in this circumstance, in a drop-down mattress.

GDC Construction

When going lengthwise, it is possible to make room for multiple beds, such as a crib! It is the perfect layout to create the greatest bunkhouse.

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