Give Your Windows a Wave

Give Your Windows a Wave

Have you ever heard of the”ripplefold” or”wave” window remedy? It’s a drape which, when hung on a ripplefold drapery rod, creates the look of a continuous wave when shut. The rod nearly disappears, creating a soft, floating look ideal for contemporary spaces. I am a huge fan of the type of drapery, especially for fabrics that are overburdened. Here’s why.

Sheer beauty. Sheers look great with a ripplefold. The wave-like folds give the sheers a gentle, flowing look. They look great attached close to the ceiling or hung from the ceiling.

They are a good selection for both residential and commercial spaces due to the minimal look they provide, with no pleating.

Chloe Warner

Clean Appearance. A rippledfold curtain piles back neatly, taking up less space than pleated drapes and earning more light. They look fantastic on tall windows because they’re loose, soft and long.

Take note that due to the gap between the tide and the track it doesn’t control mild entirely so it’s suited to public spaces where a full black-out is not needed. If you would like to keep light out entirely, use a tough remedy inside, mounted at the window. After the tight fold is closed, then you will just have relaxing waves to look at rather than the difficult treatment behind them.

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A look that lasts. The ripplefold curtain retains its shape for quite a while because it’s handled less often.

You operate the curtain on the track using a cord, baton draw or motorized apparatus.

If you’re using heavy drapes or heavy lining, ensure your track was created for heavy use use.

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How the tide functions. A straight hemmed drape with stiffened nylon snap tape sewn onto the top is wrapped to carriers around the track. The carriers are equally spaced, creating smooth waves in the fabric. It looks amazing on both sides of the window.

I am a huge fan of the type of drapery, especially for fabrics that are overburdened. Here’s why.

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If you use drapes facing the ripplefold track make sure you leave enough clearance to the folds of the ripplefold drape to pile up. I advocate having a specialist install it.

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