The best way to Keep Tulip Bulbs for Year

The best way to Keep Tulip Bulbs for Year

Single flower or double; early-blooming or late; fringed-edge or lily-flowered; streaked, sound or variegated in many shades; tulips (Tulipa) are split in to more than 100 species and hundreds of hybrids. They increase in Sunset’s Environment Zones 1 through 24 in websites with full sun and rich, great- draining soil. Letting the foliage die entirely is essential for for maintaining the tulip bulbs for the next yr. By shifting the bulbs into a bed it’s possible for you to avoid the look of the wilting in the flower bed.

Till a portion of of the backyard up you’re not using. Choose a site in full sunlight.

The backyard fork vertically to the soil in the fringe of of the tulip mattress to avoid inadvertently slicing right into a bulb. Lift the soil till you come to the tulip bulbs and set it apart. Do this as quickly as the flowers fade.

Lift the bulbs and shake off soil. Leave the foliage in tact and lay the tulips on the soil in the mattress that is un-used on their sides. Cover the roots with 2″ of top quality planting medium. Leave foliage and the bulb uncovered.

Water the soil within the the roots. Keep it moist but not soggy.

Cut off the foliage after it’s withered entirely. Lift the bulb in the soil and eliminate excessive dirt.

Set the tulip bulbs in a garage or drop and enable them to dry for many days. Put the bulbs in a paper-bag and label it. Store it in a cool, dark location to plant them.

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