Summer Color Combos: 8 Refreshing Ice Cream Palettes

Summer Color Combos: 8 Refreshing Ice Cream Palettes

Sometimes layout ideas come from the strangest places. I was considering how July 19 will be National Ice Cream Day. (Ronald Reagan declared July National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of July National Ice Cream Day in 1984.) Then I began craving a cone, and like I pictured it in my mind, I started turning it into a room. Then I started to consider other flavors turning into chambers.

There is a reason it’s so tough to choose a flavor at Baskin-Robbins — they look so enticing and yummy. Why not bring those qualities to your decor? A simple Internet search of ice cream flavors offered up a very long list of delicious color palettes. Here are a few of the most inspirational ice cream palettes befitting scrumptious interiors.

Denizen Design

Rainbow sherbet. I have never seen more rainbows around than during this time in our history. Rainbow sherbet should surely be the flavor of the summer of 2015.

The rainbow combination is a fantastic way to bring the happy into your home decor. This room gives typical ROYGBIV colors a twist, beginning with a base of gentle sherbet pinks and greens and then adding more intense hues. It is an especially good choice for a child’s bedroom, bathroom or playroom.

LGB Interiors

Cookies ‘n’ cream. The pairing of Oreos and ice cream struck it big in the 1980s, leading to other genius notions like cookie dough ice cream. However, it began with projecting some black and white biscuits into a milkshake blender.

Creamy walls, soft tans and dark accents take the ubiquitous cookie palette to a sophisticated level in this bedroom.

Branca, Inc..

Black raspberry processor. Before we dig in to the flavor, this side notice is important: You haven’t really experienced all that black raspberry chip can be until you have attempted Graeter’s version. It is made using a French-pot procedure, with the biggest chips you will ever see in a cone, and it’s my very favorite (and it’s also Sarah Jessica Parker’s).

Here I have chosen an elegant room that honors Graeter’s French-pot procedure. Toile, velvet, wood accents and also that bright dark outline choose the colors to elegant heights.

Becki Peckham

Maple walnut. This ice cream flavor’s major ingredients are derived from products that come from trees: strawberry from pine trees and nuts from walnut trees.

This home gets a sleek nutty pinch from amazing walnut hardwood on the stair treads and cabinetry. A sterile area rug adds maple softness and colors.

Watch the rest of the home

Favreau Design

Neopolitan. The box always looks best when it’s full of three equal stripes of cherry, vanilla and chocolate, until family members begin scooping out pick flavors.

This foyer provides each hue equal billing with bold stripes on a curved wall. Notice how every stripe lines up with the corresponding stair riser.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Mint chocolate chip. Nothing cools off me during a hot summer like this flavor. Mint is refreshing not just in desserts, but also in interiors.

Mint green is a top choice for a vintage appearance, particularly in bathrooms. However, it’s been rediscovered as a fresh color to use in most types of rooms. Just like adding the delicious chips, accenting it with black or dark chocolate brown makes the color stick out.

Mint Green Is Fresh Again

Leone Design Studio

Caramel and sea salt. This unexpected combination has taken over the world, showing up on dessert menus at the most chichi of restaurants.

The look of this combination of neutral shades is savory also. Nothing adds richness to tans and creams such as deeper warm caramel hues, and crackled leather is the best way to bring those hues into a room. The palette also functions well with urban environment seen via windows, as here.

Pierce Allen

Orange and Chocolate. With foodie-ism at an all-time high, many men and women are trying to find new flavor combinations. Another daring gourmet offering popping up now unites the acidity of citrus fruit with the flavor of all-time-favorite chocolate.

Orange additionally adds zest to an area, particularly when the chocolate is in the shape of a lacquer on the walls. This glistening backdrop lets the various shades of orange stand out.

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Tell us What types of unexpected things have inspired a color palette in your home? Please discuss them with us in the Remarks section.

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