Dreaming of a Spa Tub? Read This Pro Advice First

Dreaming of a Spa Tub? Read This Pro Advice First

I’ve a love-hate connection with spa baths. In a toilet nothing seems more appealing. Bathrooms with spa baths always remind me of a luxury hotel area. But no other plumbing fixture causes me more grief than these tubs. Are you prepared for the upkeep and installation must-haves? Let us take a look at some common spa setups to find out more about these lavish soakers.

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A spa bath is any tub with air bubbles, heated water attributes or tub jets, all designed to get a deep frying. There are a number of kinds of spa baths. Some are round, some are square, some are oval and some are rectangular. There are freestanding baths (like the one in this photograph), corner baths and baths built for a few people. The options and styles are off the chart.

Tip: Never buy a tub you have not sat in. If you plan to talk about it with your spouse, both of you should climb in at precisely the same moment. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can easily slide off when you visit a showroom. Climb into each tub you consider. Many customers of mine have vetoed a tub after sitting indoors.

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This spa bath is a version. Unlike a freestanding tub, it’s “dropped” to a habit surround. Both freestanding and drop-in bathtubs produce unique installation challenges.

Most spa baths include a water pump, a heating system or an air system. Before installing some of those systems or the tub, make certain that you check them out. The very last thing you would need would be to find out you have leaks or your spa jets will not work after installation.

Tip: Surrounds for drop-in bathtubs offer space under for things like the spa’s pump and heater. Having a freestanding tub, you have to put these elsewhere, and at times this is not feasible.

A surround also supports the tub. Before installing a drop-in tub and surround, look at building a temporary foundation to make sure everything fits and works correctly.

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Freestanding spa tubs like this often require antitipping brackets. These maintain the tub from flipping with additional weight. While they’re important, these antitipping brackets are a royal pain in the backside to put in. Because the brackets are installed in addition to the completed floor with large screws or bolts, so it’s very important to be aware of the specific place of heating wires or pipes.

Tip: speak to your builder and plumber about brackets — I have seen some installations at which it had been skipped because neither knew it had been necessary.

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Personally, I don’t like bathtubs that are oversize. I find a tub longer than 5 feet hard to unwind in — I like my toes to have the ability to press against the far side so I don’t slide when sitting. But everyone’s different, which is why it’s crucial that you sit down in a tub prior to buying it.

Think about the opinion in your toilet and how big your bathroom will likely be. Try to plan your layout so that you can look out a window or into your toilet, rather than looking at a blank back wall.

Tip: Avoid massive spa baths if your house has a very small hot-water tank, unless you’re all set to replace the tank. Odds are, that the little tank will not have the ability to take care of a gigantic tub.


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There’s more to a spa tub setup compared to tub and the tub filler. The pump, blower, LED generator and more are all spa bath musts. When planning your design, consider where you’ll have the ability to get these items. I like to put in them just outside the toilet — possibly in a cupboard or adjoining room. However, some control units have to be close or even connected to the tub. Everyone is different (and made to drive toilet contractors mad).

Tip: Do your homework prior to using a spa tub installed. Ask about different plugs, switches, breakers and all electrical requirements. It’s not unusual for a brand new spa tub to require two breakers, which add to the price. Sometimes new jet and warmth options require additional alterations and expense to have them hooked up to code.

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This soaker spa bath includes jets, lights, loads of air bubbles, heat to maintain the bathwater hot, a cleanup port and its control pad. These attributes are all good, but every one needed to be tested before installation.

Tip: These lights were custom made. If you decide you need lights within your tub, plan for four rather than two — that the difference is remarkable. If at all possible, attempt to make the front panel available so that you can easily get into the guts of the tub. This installation has entry in the glass panel in front and a cupboard hatch behind the wall socket.

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With the extra luxury of jets, you also receive a few more installation issues. The bubbles and warmth increase the vapor in the restroom air, so plan to use good paint and have good ventilation. Many jetted bathtubs are seldom used after the first couple months. Buy a tub that self-cleans by blowing air outside the lines with each use.

Tip: Know the self-cleaning mode on these bathtubs can make some serious noise. The very first time I heard it, I almost dropped for cover!

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Select your plumbing fittings — filler, handheld sprayer etc. — after you choose your tub. A deck-mounted tub becomes deck-mounted fixtures, and also a freestanding tub usually wants a freestanding tub filler.

Tip: Consider where you’re going to be sitting in the tub and in what direction you’re going to be facing before using a handheld sprayer installed. I have seen sprayers installed distances too much for the client to achieve and also with the premise that the client was right-handed if he or she really was left-handed.

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