Storage Space Gem: Most Importantly the Refrigerator

Storage Space Gem: Most Importantly the Refrigerator

A well-appointed kitchen can make all the difference to a homeowner, so each inch has to be utilized effectively — including the often forgotten space over the refrigerator.

Layout the Region over the fridge to blend in with the rest of the kitchen. Add cabinetry, shelving, molding and other details for a seamless appearance. This space is great for storing or showcasing kitchenware that is not used on a regular basis. Remember to keep weight in mind when organizing. Evidently, you do not want to lift heavy items over your head.

Listed below are a couple examples from the professionals to get your wheels spinning.

Epiphany Design Studio

For an eclectic look, make a market over the fridge and display decorative platters and vases that are too pretty to hide behind cupboard doors. Install custom molding around the market to improve the appearance.

Stonewood, LLC

If hidden storage is a priority on your kitchen, install a cupboard over the fridge. Ensure it is heavy as the fridge and take it all the way to the ceiling. To get a built-in appearance, add molding and disguise your fridge behind matching cupboard panels.

Cameo Kitchens, Inc..

Take your above-the-fridge display idea a step further with its recessed lighting and arched molding.

Kate Marker Interiors

Open shelving mimics built-ins and permits you to store cookbooks and sidewalks in plain sight. Keep a sturdy step stool in a fun colour nearby to get to the items readily.

Ink Architecture + Interiors

A custom wine rack over the fridge is a spin-off on the open shelving idea, and also the gridlike pattern adds interest to the room. Because high temperatures can affect the aging process of wine, this idea works best above modern refrigerators where the coils are located on the base of the fridge rather than on the back.

This built-in wine rack comes with a crisscross design as a strange geometric element. Maintaining the wine rack exactly the same colour and material as the remainder of the kitchen makes for a seamless design.

Rina Magen

If you enjoy watching television as you cook, why do not fill the nook above your fridge with a small flatscreen TV? As opposed to countertop or undercabinet places, this placement frees up countertop space for meal prep and averts cooking messes from splattering on the TV.

Design Details

Another take on the TV idea would be to place it behind doorways and onto a pullout shelf. This way it can be hidden when not in use and readily pulled out when desired.

Tell us : how can you optimize the space over your fridge?

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