Decorating on a Budget Repurposing Ideas

Decorating on a Budget Repurposing Ideas

If it comes to decorating projects, this month was all about sweat equity for me personally. I’m shifting stuff around, painting, checking out that things in the attic that I was tired of four decades back to determine if this atmosphere has passed, performing some cheap framing, rotating art sets, swapping table lamps and just shaking up things in general. This prevents me from shopping, prevents me from snacking, prevents me from watching too much Bravo and most important, keeps me out of feeling d├ęcor ennui.

Do not have any additional things laying around for repurposing? Maybe this ideabook can help you take a look at somebody else’s garage sale castoffs with fresh eyes. Also, if you have finished a repurposing project recently, please discuss it in the Remarks section below.

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Turtles Creek

Turtles Creek Originals

I love rusty and crusty when it comes to repurposing projects. This portrait from Turtles Creek still has its own springs holes and chippy paint undamaged in its new life as a rustic mirror.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

This one goes from the”make certain it’s vented” category. Seriously though, this very old barrel that was once used for transport dried fish had a lot of years to lose any odors prior to getting a new gig for a nightstand.

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Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

This simple delivery pallet was repurposed into a headboard.

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Life from the Fun Lane

We’ve seen a great deal of pieces turned into pubs and buffets of all sizes, from a nightstand topped with a tray to this wonderful office cupboard. A fresh coat of paint and sterile or replacing hardware may give a piece a totally new appearance.

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Atypical Type A

This is a really straightforward method to stay really organized. Employing an inexpensive shoe rack to maintain decorative and first aid items will finish all that digging through a bottomless pit of lotions and expired meds.

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I know I showed you an old window being used as a frame for a collection of pictures last time, but I didn’t show you what good mirrors these can be. This will call for a visit to the glass place, but it will cost you a whole lot less than purchasing a wonderful patinaed mirror like this retail.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Did your kid beg you for a drum set, simply to get hooked to”Rock Band” and forget all about it? Insert a glass high and you’ve got a perfect perch for your cocktails.


Do not you hate when Campbell’s soup labels add bizarre new graphics? They need to stick with this traditional appearance that Andy Warhol made so famous, so that we can rinse them out and use them to exhibit utensils on a buffet or pens and pencils on a desk.

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Have some galvanized utility bathtubs from old projects lying about? If not, they are typically quite fair and arrive in a ton of sizes from lunchpail dimensions to this tub They create fabulous organizing containers, laundry baskets and planters, depending on what size you choose.

If you opt for the plant container undertaking, drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and then line the ground in stones or gravel before adding dirt. The final product will probably be somewhat heavy, so make certain that you place it atop a surface that may support it. Transfer it into its permanent location prior to incorporating rocks, plants and soil.

Funky Junk Interiors

This set of stairs borrows the appearance of classic soft drink cases — in paint.

Jane Kim Design

A reclaimed copper window casing freed from Albany, New York made its way into this loft in Tribeca, where it currently serves as a stunning mirror wall at the powder room.

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Aristea Rizakos

I can say that headboard has a really interesting history, I’m just do not know what it is. It states”Danger” at the top. Can it be a former lion cage out of the circus? Please discuss your guesses in the Comments section.

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