Recess Time: Boost Your Bathroom Storage With a Niche

Recess Time: Boost Your Bathroom Storage With a Niche

“Recession” is an ugly word in regards to the economy. But it is a glorious thing once we’re talking about carving out extra bathroom storage with shelving.

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In baths where each square inch is valuable real estate, recessed wall cabinets and shelving can take advantage of hollow spaces behind warmth. Take this bath. Wide shelves supply the storage needed for it to function properly without needing any valuable floor space.

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How it works. Adding a storage niche to an present bathroom entails working around or transferring existing wall studs — as well as doing venting, electrical and plumbing work. The wall studs can create restrictions on where and how large an opening could be. If you have never opened up a wall before, call in a specialist.

To construct an in-wall storage space, like the one displayed here, Yanic Simard of the Toronto Interior Design Group suggests buying prebuilt frames. (Simard refurbished the area shown here to get a customer.) “They are inserted by using molds out of companies like Schluter — available at many home improvement stores — that are made of waterproof material,” he says. “They install directly into the wall, taking some of the work from the procedure.”

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BEFORE: The designer removed the present wood shelf in this first alcove and replaced it with glass. He gave the niche’s inside a tiled surface, together with a fancier sloped top to match the remainder of the newly tiled walls. The glass shelf provides an airier feel in addition to a moisture resistant coating.

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Use distance where you are able to find it. You may not always have adequate space precisely where you’re hoping to gain it because of pipes. On the flip side, you could encounter more of it than you’re expecting.

This bathroom, designed by architect John Lum, is a fantastic illustration of the latter. Following the attic space was demolished, an extra 18 inches was found under the roof. This windfall let the tub its own towel niche. Conventional waterproofing supporting the tiling keeps the shelving space protected from mold problems.

Size your bonus storage space accordingly. This bath within a 1910 bungalow, remodeled with Juniper River Home Design, uses extra space found supporting the shower. The designer took complete advantage by crafting a floor-to-ceiling shelving device. Because cabinet doors or drawers could have gotten in the way, baskets keep things organized and out of sight.

Suggestion: Baskets utilized on open shelves provide opportunities to have fun with different colors, textures and patterns.

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Solving issues of restricted headroom. Because headroom could be drastically restricted by the pitch of a roof, as was the situation in this bathroom, it is vital to find storage space that doesn’t compete.

Here storage is tucked within the attic space. Cabinet doors work with the roof’s severe pitch and do not crowd out the area which needs the headroom.

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Recess the medication cupboard. Make the dressing table area feel larger by tucking the medication cabinet within the wall.

As with any other bathroom built in, this must be well arranged. But occasionally installation is not as complex than you may think. “In most cases,” says bathroom designer Carole Hedstrom of Gilmans Kitchens + Baths, “the medicine cupboard itself is intended to be inserted between two studs in the wall. The thickness is such it’s going to finish out nearly flush with the wall”

When the medication cupboard is in, use trim to create a clean end.

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Choosing shelving material. We have already seenshelves made of glass and wood, but there are many more materials to pick from which will perform well in a bathroom.

The granite shelves shown here provide comparison with their white subway tile counterparts. Other shelving options which stand up to water include acrylic, stainless steel (as long as there are no sharp edges), quartzite and slate.

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Get artful. This storage niche provided an opportunity to inject some colour into a white atmosphere.

Show us the way you carved out storage in your bathroom. Please place a photo below!

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