John Deere Model L120 Features

John Deere Model L120 Features

Even though it’s no longer in production, the John Deere L120 riding lawnmower was purchased by homeowners to tame unruly turf grass and, as of early 2014, was sold independently by owners and employed garden equipment retailers. The owner’s manual is still accessible, and many online components retailers provide mail order service for most repair or replacement components and batteries for this version. The machine carries an emissions certificate for compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board criteria. Electromagnetic Compatibility regulations are complied with by the ignition system.

Engine Specifications

Two Briggs & Stratton motors were used in the mower, but both deliver 20 horsepower. The Briggs & Stratton CV40 Intek engine employed in 2003 and 2004 models has two cylinders, as does the B&S; 40 656cc Intek engine employed in 2005, the last year that the L120 was fabricated. The motors are air-cooled and have replaceable filters. The mowers can go as fast as 5.2 miles ahead and 2.9 miles in reverse. The gas tank can hold 2.1 gallons of gas. The L120 has a replaceable oil filter and holds two quarts of oil.

Overall Dimensions

The L120 stands 38.6 inches tall and can be 60 inches — 5 feet — extended. It is relatively slender at 36 inches wide, allowing the mower to maneuver more easily between obstacles and throughout fence gates. The machine weighs a respectable 532 lbs. The front tires step 16 by 6.5 inches, though tires 16 by 8 inches will match. Rear tires are 22 by 9.5 inches, but you can use tires as big as 22 by 12 inches. Front tire pressure should be kept in 12 psi and back pressure should be maintained at 10 psi.

Mower Decks

The L120 includes two different mower deck dimensions. The 42-inch deck includes two detachable blades and can be set to a cutting height of 1 to 4 inches. The 48-inch deck includes three detachable blades, and mowing height can be set to from 1 to 4 inches. A lever permits you to fix height that is mowing without getting the machine off.

Other Features and Attachments

Cruise control enables the operator to set a constant mowing speed, which saves on gasoline consumption and allows you to pay more attention to the mowing procedure itself. The automatic transmission makes the drive simpler and eliminates the tedium of constantly shifting gears manually. Receptacles for incorporating weights to the front or back of the mower guarantee added stability when you utilize baggers, blowers or snowplows, or when you need to transport items using the front- or rear-mounted”CargO” system. A sun canopy can also be available. A meter tracks use hours and will flash for 2 hours once you reach the maximum number of hours. A maintenance manual is connected to the underside of the mower’s seat.

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