The Way to Decorate With Tulle and Rhinestones

The Way to Decorate With Tulle and Rhinestones

Rhinestones and tulle might be the substance of school prom dresses that are high and ballet recitals, but that does not imply that you can’t turn them into decorations for wedding, your home or party. Tulle drapes nicely, and may be hung along a entryway, a window or the walls for an elegant party decoration. Its quality makes it perfect for shaping rounded, accumulated decorations, pompoms or like balls. You can then decorate the tulle with rhinestones for festive embellishment.

Embellished Tulle Balls

Wrap the tulle around the cardboard’s diameter, making a 6 inch loop of tulle.

Remove the board from the center of this tulle after wrapping it, using care to grip onto the tulle so the loop stays.

Pinch the tulle loop at the middle so that it creates a form. Tie the loop with a length of ribbon at the center.

Cut each end of this figure-eight together with all the scissors and trim any jagged edges. So it seems rounded and full fluff the tulle.

Put marks using a bit of chalk onto the outward-facing layers of this tulle ball where you want the rhinestones to go. Use chalk at the same colors to indicate their positioning if you wish to create a pattern with various colors of rhinestones.

Apply a dab of hot glue one-by-one to the trunk of every rhinestone, then press every rhinestone on the chalk mark that is corresponding.

Thread a longer period of string or ribbon through the tulle ball’s center to hang it or arrange multiple tulle balls onto a desk or in a vase as a centerpiece.

Draped Tulle Swag

Measure the length of wall where you split it into equidistant sections of 2 to 3 feet and would love to hang on the tulle. Mark the sections using a pencil.


Lay the bit of tulle flat and fold it over.

Pin the knot at close of this tulle to the wall using a push pin in which you want the ribbon to start.

Drape the tulle so it falls into a loose U-shape between the first two pen marks pin the tulle to the wall in the next pencil mark. Repeat with every pencil mark before the wall’s length has been covered. Cut off the extra tulle.

Glue rhinestones to ribbon bows using hot glue gun to decorate them. You will need 1 ribbon bow per drive pin.

Glue the bows on every drive pin using a hot glue gun.

If wanted glue rhinestones to draped tulle.

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