Decorate With Intention: Selecting Colors That Flatter

Decorate With Intention: Selecting Colors That Flatter

In decorating, how do you determine which colours to use? Can you look to your favourite designers, read novels and pore over decorating sites and blogs? If you’re anything like me, you can find that the abundance of choices out there may become a bit too much. If you’re all set to home in on the colours that suit you best, try searching to your own closet (and reflection) as your personal colour guide. This simple, fun method of colour choosing can allow you to choose colors for your home that flatter you; today who would not want that? Read on for 12 examples which can help bring your personal colour palette to life in your home.

Getting started:
Determine your undertones. The old trick of using gold and silver jewellery (or cloth) to determine if you have “warm” or “cool” skin undertones nevertheless works. To try this, hold up one bit of silver jewellery and one of gold from the skin. Look for the one which makes you look more alert, alive, and luminous. When it is gold, you have warm undertones; if silver looks best, you have cool undertones.Check out your closet. When there’s a predominant color in your wardrobe, or one which you always get compliments when you wear it, then take note.

Dufner Heighes Inc

You’ve: Red to auburn hair, using green, hazel or brown eyes or freckles.

Try these colours: Shades of green from moss to jade in paint or upholstery brings out hazel and green eyes, and offer a natural counterpoint to hair with red and rich brown tones. Complete the area with warm candies and chocolate browns.

Laura Britt Design

You’ve: Vibrant red hair green eyes.

Try these colours: Striking emerald green can make a major statement (and make you feel screen-star glamorous). Keep the details simple and compact with clear Lucite and glass accents.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

You’ve: Skin Care with warm undertones.

Try these colours: Rich coral is amazingly flattering for warm skin tones. Try it on the walls or put in only a touch in apricot-hued throw pillows.

Ruth Kintzer Interior Design

You’ve: Brown hair and eyes skin with warm undertones.

Try these colours: Produce a lavish and cozy atmosphere with a assortment of chocolatey colors, from mocha to sour cocoa. Animal colours and coral colors are statement-making accents.

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

You’ve: Black hair and eyes ebony skin.

Try these colours: Shades of bitter black and chocolate in Paint and paint replicate your skin and hair tones, and are enriched by richly saturated red and burgundy accents. A bit of crisp white retains this opulent look fresh.

House + House Architects

You’ve: Brown hair darkened eyes.

Try these colours: Rich sea green highlights the colour of turquoise eyes and supplies striking contrast for brown hair. This saturated colour is bold but highly livable, so don’t be reluctant to use it in a massive region; try it like a wall shade or in a rug.

You’ve: dark brown hair and eyes and/or abundant brownish skin tones.

Try these colours: Repeating the brownish tones of your skin, hair, or eyes can make you radiant. Add bold persimmon to enhance the warm feel and complete the appearance with brass lighting and crisp white linens.

You’ve: Silver or white hair any shade eyes.

Try these colours: Pale, misty colors reminiscent of clouds and sky beautifully reflect white or gray hair, whereas shimmering silver and mercury glass accents can allow you to look luminous.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

You’ve: Silver or white hair gloomy eyes.

Try these colours: Watery colors of blue bring your eyes out, while soft, chalky grays, cream and white replicate the colors on your hair. For a glamorous touch, add sparkling crystal, classic glass or lustrous ceramics.

Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

You’ve: Cool-tone or pale skin; jet black hair.

Try these colours: Glossy black paint might not be for everyone, but you can handle it! If you have black hair and blue or green eyes, then consider going with an almost-black shade containing one of these sunglasses for a dramatic look which also happens to make you look amazing. For a subtler take, paint an antique dresser or cabinet, and scoop up a couple of deep and dark accessories such as the black globe shown here.

Avenue B Development

You’ve: Blond hair; gloomy eyes.

Try these colours: The honey tones of natural fiber rugs and linen upholstery replicate your hair colour, while a soothing shade of blue on the walls plays your eyes up. Accessories in gold or platinum make ideal details.

Chambers + Chambers Architects

You’ve: Any coloring.

Try these colours: Soft pink walls cast a flattering glow on almost everyone. If you have cool undertones, then start looking for a paler, cooler pink, although people who have warm undertones may use richer, peachier colors.

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