Black and White in Idaho

Black and White in Idaho

Adhering into a black and white color palette is harder than it looks. Add coping with a rental home’s quirks and also the requirements of a toddler, and you have quite the layout challenge. However, Jennifer Hagler, the Boise, Idaho, blogger supporting A Merry Mishap, makes it look easy.

“I’d love for folks to see that our place and understand something about the men and women who reside in it,” she says. “I need the house to look like an extension of us, but still inspiring and unique.”

at a Glance
Who lives here: Jennifer Hagler, her husband and toddler son
Size: 1,300 square feet; two bedrooms; one studio
Location: Boise, Idaho

Hagler’s dining area is subtle but daring in her signature crispy black and white palette. Ikea sideboards store essential dishes, while cosmetic items are put on display shelves.

“I like easy things,” says Hagler. “Too much color overwhelms me, so that it seemed natural to choose a simple black and white, neutral color palette. This way it is a lot easier to layer colors with no feeling overdone.”

A mixture of styles and patinas brings this simple palette a feeling of texture. Hagler gathers items from all around the world, carefully blending new and antique.

Shelves: String Pockets, Scandinavian Design Center; sideboards: Ikea

A Moderna Museet print plays off the bold lines of an industrial MUUTO Unfold Pendant in the dining area.

Although the black and white color scheme keeps this space looking especially clean, Hagler also edits her possessions often, selling or donating what she doesn’t need anymore.

“It helps to realize exactly what objects have the most meaning for youpersonally,” she says,”what you truly wish to own in your home.”

Different textures in neutral colours play off one another in the modern but cozy living room. Layered rugs and mismatched fabrics add visual interest into the furniture’s blank lines.

Sofa, floating cabinets: Ikea; coffee table: Normann Copenhagen, Finnish Design Shop

Hagler especially loves the Design House Stockholm carpet in her living room, which she found at House & Hold. “After searching for so long to find the right carpet, we adore this leather-trimmed woven carpet so much,” she says. “It is equal parts lasting and attractive, and I think it actually brings together all the other elements of the room.”

When she couldn’t find a desk which would function for this corner, Hagler and her husband made this very simple setup with a plywood top and table legs from Ikea.

Basket: SIWA, Design Within Reach; desk lighting: vintage

Hagler uses the walls for as much storage as possible that will assist the space feel more spacious. Simple shelving in the workplace gets rid of the need for another piece of furniture, which could crowd the room.

An Ikea bedframe in the master bedroom plays from the Scandinavian style of Hagler. A striped carpet, a gold pillow and Componibili tables provide the sole necessary decor within this soothing space.

Since Hagler’s house is rented, there is loads she want to change if she could — namely the wall-to-wall carpeting. For now, she’s her best to make do with adorable rugs and cowhides on top of the carpet in every area.

Hagler created these diorama-style shelves in the master bedroom using old wooden wine crates. Screwed onto the wall and painted in white, the previous crates became instantaneous display cases.

Closet space is saved on by A fashionable but functional curated clothing stand in the corner.

The midcentury-style desk would be really a find from a local store; Hagler had it refinished to pristine state. Industrial and contemporary accessories, like the glass cube lamp in Design House Stockholm, bring about Hagler’s signature look.

As in the rest of the home, Hagler kept her son’s room easy, but had been careful to add playful accents to make it a joyous haven for your toddler. Geometric wallpaper functions as a sophisticated reminder of basic school notebooks.

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