Types Of Philodendron

Types Of Philodendron

Consider the philodendron when searching for a houseplant. Most kinds of the plant need low-light, making it an ideal option for interior rooms with windows. With over 200 200 types to pick from — including outdoor and indoor types — one that satisfies your requirements may be found by you.

Climbing Philodendron

Climbing philodendrons are the most frequently identified range of the plant, in accordance with the Clemson Cooperative Extension web site. The leaves are usually heart shaped and range in colour from olive-green to black-green. The leaf underside of some philodendron types might show other colours, like copper or red. Most frequently, vining philodendrons are employed as groundcover that was outside or indoor plants, even though it’s possible to to teach this vine to develop by winding it.

Non-Climbing Philodendron

Non-climbing philodendron, generally called self-heading tree or philodendron philodendron, are marked by huge leaves held on strong stems. This kind of philodendron is frequently employed as a houseplant that was big, frequently serving as a focal point due to the size — leaves can increase just as much as 3-feet long. Even though the shade can differ the leaves are green.

Faux Philodendrons

The split-leaf philodendron, also called the Swiss – cheese plant or Monstera deliciosa, is usually mistaken to get a philodendron because of growth practice and its name. It resembles a non-vining philodendron range, but the leaves usually create slits and holes .


Philodendrons might not be the best choice for several households. Some types of the plant generate a chemical that might trigger a burning feeling; it might also prove poisonous if ingested. In the event that you’ve small children or animals, consult your nearby nursery to get a non- philodendron range to make certain safety.

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