Tips for Insulating Your Home During Winter

Tips for Insulating Your Home During Winter

There’s nothing worse than staying in a poorly insulated house when it’s winter, and yet a lot of homeowners fall into this situation because it’s easy to forget about your home’s furnace repair Santa Rosa, CA when it’s still warm outside. Failure to properly insulate your home in preparation for the winter can cost you a lot, which is why we will give you actionable tips below on how to insulate your home during winter.

Maintain Your HVAC System and Furnace

It’s important to replace the filters on your HVAC system at least once a month during winter to avoid congestion. You should also make sure to keep your vents unobstructed by removing any furniture pieces that may be standing in their way, as this makes for better air circulation.

Assess Heating Zones

If you have more than one cooling and heating zone in your home, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t need to have them all in one setting. You can keep the setting higher in the areas where you spend most of your time, and then set it lower in those areas that you don’t spend much time at. The goal is to keep the most frequented areas warm without needlessly wasting energy in unused spaces.

Make Your Home Brighter

Brighten your home by maximizing the amount of natural light that comes through, and plan your indoor light fixtures strategically as well.

Opt for Heavier Curtains

While getting heavier curtains might seem to contradict the advice given on the previous point, it’s worth considering if you’ve got drafty windows. While thick and heavier curtains work to keep the light out, they’re also great at trapping heat.  

Seal Your Doorways

Prevent air exchange while creating an airtight seal by surrounding the inside of your door with foam weather stripping. This will help you prevent cold drafts from entering through the door, and this solution works just as well as any Double Draft Stoppers. Plus, you can even make your own Double Draft Stoppers by using kitty litter or rice.

Insulate Your Windows and Doors

Place some plastic sheeting over your windows to properly insulate them. Double-sided tape and a hairdryer are the only tools you’ll need to install the plastic sheeting, and doing so will increase the R-value of your windows instantly. Also, pay attention to your window panes and re-glaze them if necessary.

Replace the Insert in Your Storm Door

Replace the old screen in your storm door with a solid glass pane for better HVAC Santa Rosa, CA.

Insulate Your Attic

You can either hire someone for this particular job or you can do it yourself because it’s quite a straightforward process. All you need to do is fill the spaces between your floor joists with sheets of unbacked insulation. Even if you already have insulation between the floor joists in your basement, it’s always a good idea to add another layer as the winter approaches. Just make sure the second layer of insulation is installed in a perpendicular position to the joists, and don’t forget to install one hour heating and air Santa Rosa, CA around the exposed pipes in your bathroom as well for an even more comfortable setting.