The best way to Remove & Change Laminate Sheets

The best way to Remove & Change Laminate Sheets

Changing the kitchen counter-top is an expense in your home’s worth. While upgrading a countertop into a stone one is an alternative, install laminate sheets and a more cost-effective selection would be to remove end from an existing area. Some types of laminate replicate texture to stone, in order to get the look with no price tag. An experienced do-it-yourself-er can complete this task. You do need to request anyone to assist you spot the sheets in in place on the counter-top for the best-fit.

Place medium-grit sandpaper pads on a random orbital sander. Go on the whole area such as the edges, of the counter-top, to eliminate laminate end. Take your own time. As you perform to preserve an even area, keep the sander level.

Remove any dirt produced by the previous stage using a shop vacuum.

Measure the the size of the counter-top. Mark the the scale along with a sheet of laminate. Mark where you need to cut laminate away, enabling additional on all edges except the backwall. Leave this edge using a factory-cut that is straight. Use masking tape in the event that you are unable to see your marks.

Put a 1/2 inch, carbide- tipped cutter bit in a hand router. Cut the sheet together with the router bit. Don’t pressure the cut; allow the router do the function. If you prefer, cut the laminate sheet from the back with a circular saw equipped with a finetoothed blade. Wipe any dirt from your sheet.

Brush con Tact cement onto the trunk of the sheet together with the counter-top area. Let the cement dry till it’s tacky to the contact. Follow suggested drying occasions on the con-Tact cement container.

Tiny wood or cut dowel rods strips which are at least 1/2 inch in diameter about 4″ lengthier than the countertop width. Space them across the size of the countertop so your types that are outside are about 6 inches in the ends of the counter. Rods in the heart should be about 12-inches aside, but the measurements don’t need to be exact. In order to access one end-of each set the rods. These strips are to aid you set the laminate in location -coated surfaces.

Turn the right side that is laminate up. Together with the aid of an assistant, placement the laminate within the rods. Align the again edge together with the wall.

Start a T one finish. Pull a rod straightout, permitting the end-of the sheet to to be in onto the counter-top. Press the laminate to the adhesive having a Jroller. Pull out the rod that is next as well as press the laminate to the con-Tact cement. Till you remove most of the rods continue to perform the right path across the countertop. Go on the surface with all the Jroller again.

Trim excessive laminate having a flush-trim bit connected to your router. Therefore it ends in the fringe of of the counter-top without any overhang cut the edge.

Apply con Tact cement to the side and front edges of the counter-top. Allow the cement. By aligning the best edge together with the countertop press it in location. The strips may prolong below the counter-top edge. Jroller the strips firmly in using a Jroller. The strips with wood clamps before the glue dries totally.

Trim the strips, if required, using a flush-trim bit on a router. File any tough edges having a half-roundfile.

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