Step Up Your House's Functionality With Ladders of All Kinds

Step Up Your House's Functionality With Ladders of All Kinds

Ladders traditionally have lived the quiet life, tucked away in utility garages and cabinets. We are apt to bring out them just if we have to change a lightbulb or clean out the gutters. But now we are viewing the ladder theory used in increasingly more innovative and beautiful ways.

Check out these rooms that give the humble ladder a new lease on life.


Rolling metal ladder. Fashioned with exactly the same purpose in your mind as the conventional wooden rolling library ladder, these ladders are equipped with a roller gathering which lets them move easily back and forth across a track. A hook and slide fixture is also available for as soon as the ladder needs to be repositioned.

Tip: Make sure the climbing angle of this rolling ladder is no more than 17 levels — whatever steeper would be unsafe.

Lettered ladder. Bunk beds are a terrific space-saving idea for bedrooms. Children love to sleep on very best, so make it extra fun to get there.

Tip: For custom designs like this, make sure your carpenter follows weight tips. Children grow a lot — consider how long they will sleep in the bunk and return from this age and weight.

Malcolm Davis Architecture

Attic ladder. A lofted space like this has tons of potential — extra room for the children, a spare workplace area or just helpful storage. Whatever you wind up using a loft for, make sure that the access is safe and attractive.

Tip: Attic ladders should have hand railings at the top for safety– the recommended span of the top rail is 24 inches. Check the building regulations in your town and confirm with your loft ladder manufacturer before ordering.

Lisa Ferguson Interior Design

Metamorphic library ladder. Many ladders combine beauty and function, like this metamorphic library ladder; pieces like these were originally designed from the mid-18th century for European nobility. Subsequently, most libraries had bookshelves that went all the way up into the ceiling. With a few flips, this seat instantly becomes a ladder, enabling visitors to gain access or be comfortably seated.

Tip: These chairs are quite rare and extremely sought after if they come onto the market. Contact your local antiques dealer or auction house to get the scoop on when one might arrive in.

Christopher Building Company

Powder-coated pipe-rail ladder. These black powder-coated-steel pipe railings require the ladder theory to another level. Industrial but affordable, this custom made option gets an elegant update with flat matte paint.

Tip: Pipe rail is available in many sizes. Size 5, for instance, has an outer diameter of approximately 1 inch and is acceptable for light frames. The dimensions go up to size 9, which has an outer diameter near to two inches and is acceptable for weight bearing. Check with your contractor or manufacturer before purchasing. Purchasing precut lengths can assist you in keeping costs down.

Unskinny Boppy

Ladder light fixture. If you’re a creative soul and like using your hands, a project like that one will bring you and your guests great pleasure.

This rustic ladder hanging by bronze chains holds easy but effective mason jars, tea lights and a Moravian celebrity — all ready and awaiting your next summer dinner party.

Melander Architects, Inc..

Exterior ladder. A durable, sturdy ladder like this takes apractical approach to easy roof access. If you plan to put it in clear view, like this easy ladder, make sure it’s attractive and appropriate to your house’s architectural design.

Tip: This is a terrific idea if you want to make the most of a view or only want to create cleaning out gutters or washing skylights simpler. But it might be best to hold off on this installment entirely if you’ve got small children.

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