Stay Calm With Natural Colors

Stay Calm With Natural Colors

Many people respond very positively to natural colours — softer greens, browns and blues. Organic colours are nurturing and very easy to live with because they bring a sense of stability to our homes and our own lives. They bring in a taste of the sea and skies.

A. Rejeanne Interiors

To get a peaceful-looking bedroom, select a mattress with a walnut or natural woven facade. This material will look great with almost any wall shade, but select a gentle, muted paint colour to get an overall organic feel.

Suggested paint pick: Spring Valley, Benjamin Moore

Willman Interiors / Gina Willman

Taupe — the colour of rock and a multitude of furry animals — is one of nature’s most abundant colours. Its presence makes a warm, cozy area.

Suggested paint pick: Alpaca, Sherwin-Williams

Grace & Ivy

A safe, organic solution to your fussy baby could be a nursery with a natural colour palette. Moss-green walls and cloud-white furnishings will create a calming atmosphere.

Suggested paint pick: Dune Grass, Benjamin Moore

Michael A. Menn

Our kitchens can become so busy and hectic with children doing homework, guests hanging outside and, needless to say, everyone preparing meals. A bluish-green paint colour with gray undertones will help maintain calm.

Suggested paint pick: Woodland Green, Benjamin Moore

Castro Design Studio

Deep charcoal gray is one of nature’s more dramatic colours. Use this colour with white and black to create an understated yet distinctive area.

Suggested paint pick: Dovetail, Sherwin-Williams

Gina Fitzsimmons ASID

Inspired by the coast, the colour scheme in this waterfront condominium echoes the ocean and sand. Warm tan paired with turquoise generates the ideal getaway for rest and relaxation.

Suggested paint pick: Interactive Cream, Sherwin-Williams

CWB Architects

Brown is associated with earth, clay and statuesque trees which have lost their leaves for winter. Brown gives us the feeling of durability and safety.

Suggested paint pick: Bison Brown, Behr

ECOterior Solutions from Carolyn Tierney

This elegant room features a pretty shade of peach. It is the colour of a beautiful sunset as well as the luscious fruit it’s named after. A peach room will always glow and supply warmthon a cloudy day.

Suggested paint pick: Serengeti Sand, Behr

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