Solar Energy Options

Solar Energy Options

Although “on the grid” solar power is popular among homeowners throughout the country, off the grid or off-grid solar energy is catching on quickly for several reasons.

When shopping for a good solar panel installation system, there’s a lot of considerations you need to take into account. One of them is choosing between an on grid and off grid system.

On the Grid

With the on the grid system, there’s no need for you to change your lifestyle to save on energy. You will be able to live as if nothing has changed within your property as the power supply of the municipality is there to provide additional electricity when you need it.

Additionally, you won’t have to install a solar energy system that’s large enough to provide you with enough household electricity. This means you can install any size that fits the budget that you have set, and then expand when you feel the need in the future.

Many homeowners opt for on the grid systems because of the cost. An off the grid solar power system requires additional components, which means it requires a large investment.

The biggest drawback is that the on the grid solar panels system is likely to keep you reliant on a utility company. If the system that you have inside your home is connected to your municipality’s power supply, then it won’t operate when there’s no electricity.

Off the Grid

Energy independence and cost savings are two of the most compelling reasons why you’d want to install a solar power system that’s off the grid. You won’t be subjected to the continually increasing rates, as well as policies of a utility company. What’s more, you won’t be affected when the entire neighborhood experiences a blackout.

If you’ll be powering a rural home, then an off the grid solar power system will make financial sense. Isolated areas will be better off with this kind of photovoltaic array as it’s cheaper compared to the expenses associated with the extending of utility lines all the way to your property.  

The downside of off the grid solar energy is the bigger expense for people who have public utilities. Also, you must be able to think more about ways of saving energy if you choose not to install a solar energy system that’s big enough to meet your power needs.

Solar Heating Alternatives

If you don’t want a pure off-grid or grid-tied solar power system, then we suggest you get a hybrid solar power system. A hybrid system is connected to municipal power lines. However, it also gives you your own battery storage bank. This storage bank doesn’t have to be large like an off the grid system, which means the cost is easier to manage.

Ultimately, the system configuration that’s right for your home will depend on your budget, installation considerations, and goals. We suggest you weigh your energy options, so you can pick the one that’s best for your situation.