Small Garden Pond Thoughts

Small Garden Pond Thoughts

Whether you put in a little garden pond kit, then a pre-formed garden pond to landscape yourself, or you choose to customize your pond to fit your garden area, plan the project to reflect your personal taste and style. Natural looking, in-ground ponds are just 1 way to go. Any large water tub or container can become a garden pond, or utilize a few water heaters arranged onto a patio. A garden pond could be designed as a chic outdoor atmosphere for the modern home or as a private escape for a rustic cabin.


Using rocks, driftwood or other traditional organic materials provides your pond conventional appeal. Besides making a home for koi or other mosquito larvae-eating fish, consider creating a haven for smaller mammals and salamanders that devour garden insects. Aquatic life requires adequate aeration for survival, and moving water discourages mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water, so put in a pump to circulate the water. The right size of circulating water heater maintains all the water moving slowly and gently. Produce a nest feature over rock slabs, or attempt a bubbler in a shallow region to keep the water from getting stagnant. Run the pump tube through a favorite “found” item to make an unusual fountain. From old flowerpots or urns into your drilled-out garden statue, make an original, one-of-a-kind trickle fountain by fitting any waterproof item that catches your fancy using flexible plastic tubing in the water pump outflow.

Little Wildlife

Birds are drawn to your garden pond for drinking and bathing. Incorporate little plants and shrubs across the river to offer cover and perching spots for birds, and plant nectar-producing flowers to lure hummingbirds. Install a water mister for hummingbirds; their favourite way to bathe is to flit and swoop through clouds of mist. Fill a ground-level dish with moist sand or pebbles to create a shallow pool for butterflies.


When selecting plants for a little pond, coordinate the scale of the adult plants using the magnitude of the pond. Choose naturally little marginal plants such as water plantain (Alisma plantago-aquatica) or Rocky Mountain iris (Iris missouriensis) for perennial pond plants for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10. Low-growing water plants are easy to keep in a little pond. Add taller screen plantings in the ground across the river banks or in containers beyond the pond.


Enhance a modern home with a water garden featuring building materials that blend with the home. Square-cut stones, polished granite or adobe-like features could be used with a straightforward pool of water to make an elegant pond in an uncluttered setting. Stainless steel or copper water garden accessories offer a slick alternative to embrace stone. Design a soothing oasis by setting low-maintenance, container-grown water plants near the pond. When you’re prepared to refresh the appearance of the pond, simply exchange the container plants with fresh ones.


Soft lighting enables you to enjoy your garden pond after the sun sets. Simplify the setup by selecting solar-powered garden lights. Solar lights offer the advantage of portability: move them wherever you need them as soon as they have been charged in the sun. Solar-powered fountains are also available, with some providing light as well as moving water.

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