Pros And Cons Of DIY Solar

Pros And Cons Of DIY Solar

Solar power is one of the trending phrases in 2017. It’s no wonder that a lot of adventurous homeowners are seriously looking into “DIY solar power.” Like most things in life, there’s a good side and a bad side to DIY solar power. In this article, we are going to explore the biggest advantage and disadvantage when it comes to installing a DIY solar panel kit.

DIY Solar Power Kit – Advantage

The biggest advantage of solar power kits is the fact that they are generally cheaper compared to hiring contractors to install a solar power system in your home. However, there’s one thing that you should know.

Most DIY solar power kits in the market are designed for off-grid use. This means that you can’t use them unless you are completely cut off from the main power grid. If you are a regular homeowner, then completely cutting off from the main power grid by yourself is not a smart idea. One of the reasons for this is that DIY solar power kits are not able to handle all the daily electricity needs of an average home. Despite having said that, this does not mean that DIY solar power kits are useless.

There’s always a time and place for DIY solar power kits. For example, you can use DIY solar power kits for boats and RVs. Or, if you have a tiny house with little electronics, then a solar panels will do just fine. If you have a large property and you want to provide power to an outlying area (e.g. tool shed, barn or remote outdoor lights), then DIY solar power kits would be a good solution because the electricity demands are very low.

DIY Solar Power Kit – Disadvantage

The biggest disadvantage of a DIY solar power kit is still related to the price itself. As mentioned above, DIY solar power kits are generally cheaper. However, that’s not the entire picture.

According to EnergySage Solar Marketplace, if you choose a contractor to design and install a solar panel system, then the costs of design and labor will only constitute about 10% of the total costs. This means that while buying a DIY solar power kit may save you money, you will only be saving 10% at the most. While you may think that saving 10% is still good, you still need to look at what the contractors can bring to the table.

Professional solar panel installers are experienced at what they do. This means that there will be fewer cases of costly mistakes. Also, professionals can install the entire system faster and safer.

Here’s another key point that’s worth mentioning: professional contractors don’t get their products from the usual retail sources. They get them straight from the manufacturer. This means they can get them for a cheaper price, and you’ll get more value for your solar panel installation.

DIY solar panel systems are a great idea if you are just trying to power something that is “off the grid.” If you want to supplement the electricity needs of an average home, then hiring professionals to do this is usually a better idea.