Hot Looks From the Spring 2013 High Point Marketplace

Hot Looks From the Spring 2013 High Point Marketplace

I just spent six full days — and I do mean totally full, morning-till-night days — at North Carolina’s High Point Market, which is the largest home furnishings trade show on Earth. From the time I’d sashayed, then traipsed, afterwards trudged and finally dragged myself through hundreds of thousands of square feet of showroom space, I got to the point where if I wasn’t sitting at a chair, it had been of no interest to me personally.

Fortunately, after a fantastic hot foot soak and a couple of wine spritzers, I perked up. Sorting through the 800-plus photographs I took, I whittled my expertise down to the tendencies below. I hope you enjoy viewing the colours, fabrics and styles which are on their way to showrooms near you.

In all of the photos below, I have identified the seller’s name where the merchandise or screens were seen. At High Point all things are to the transaction, so if you’re interested in buying, contact your interior designer for pricing and availability, or contact the seller directly for information on a retailer close to you and contact the merchant for pricing and availability.


Dorya decided to try navy blue — a fresh color for the provider. Even the lacquer frame on these chairs is a deep, rich navy. When the color is paired with cream and combined with a moderate walnut-brown wood tone, the appearance is very sophisticated.

More information: Dorya

A jewel-like turquoise color was everywhere I turned, including on upholstery and in accessories and art. Bernhardt used it for this luscious sofa.

More information: Bernhardt

The color even turned on walls at a slightly more subdued color. The color looks fantastic as a backdrop for Vanguard’s lovely buffet in wood stained gray, which was also a notable finish color at the marketplace.

More information: Vanguard Furniture Company

Pink at a slightly coral shade inserted pizzazz in several showrooms. In this Bernhardt display it mixes with gentle dove gray and moderate brown.

More information: Bernhardt

The dazzling fabric on this classic-style Bernhardtchair also uses the color scheme, mixingcoral pink with light gray.

More information: Bernhardt

The same fabric style looks fantastic on Vanguard’s very contemporary, skinny and sleek version of this klismos chair.

More information: Vanguard Furniture Company

If you do not believe that you can handle large doses of turquoise or coral pink on your upholstery and walls, then you may want to incorporate the colours using a patterned carpet.

More information: This carpet was in a Vanguard showroom, but that I do not have the manufacturer yet. If I could find out, I’ll place it in the Comments.


Mongolian lamb’s wool is going beyond throw pillows. I am mad about these fluffy stools from Emporium Home. In white on a gold frame or black on a silver frame, they are an eclectic take on Hollywood Regency style.

More information: Emporium Home

This mix of colours on rustic carved wood foundations from Africa boosts a radically different take on the Mongolian lamb’s wool stool.

Additional information: stools: NOA Living; dining table: Bontempi Casa

I loved this Mongolian lamb’s wool bench from Outpost Original that seemingly floats in space, courtesy of clear acrylic thighs.

More information: Outpost Original

I hope you love shagreen, the rawhide made from sharks or rays — really, generally it’s artificial. You are going to start seeing it everywhere!

The material tops this Oggetti game table, which reverses to a felt side too. There are also four little drawers on each side.

More information: Oggetti

Shagreen’s feel feels rough and pebbly; the material has traditionally been used on small articles where a slippery surface is not desirable. But now, with the capability to make excellent faux reproductions of this material, it’s being used on all sorts of furniture and accessories.

The Oggetti table top is not faux though. One way to tell the difference is to check if all the center white spine patterns are identical. If they are, then you understand those are an embossed pattern designed to duplicate the appearance. On this tabletop you are able to see that no two spine patterns are the same.

Shagreen fully covers this contemporary Oggetti dining chair for a very strange use of this material.

More information: Oggetti

You do not need to be interested in contemporary design to enjoy the expression of shagreen. I especially liked the beautiful classic shape of this coffee table from Gabby Home that incorporates this material.

More information: Gabby Home

Back at Dorya, I spotted these gorgeous cabinet door pulls in stainless steel using a shagreen texture.

More information: Dorya


When it comes to what to put under your feet, the carpet sellers all agreed that flat-weave fashions are the up and coming trend.

This fashion isn’t really about incorporating cushy softness. Instead, flat-weave rugs are about adding color and pattern. Here we see that great coral pink, this time combined with orange at a string of attractively patterned rugs by Jaipur.

More information: Jaipur

If coral pink isn’t your thing, there’s still a flat-weave rug that’s ideal for you. The Surya showroom displayed flat-weave rugs in an array of colours and patterns.

More information: Surya

The proliferation of stunning wool felt rugs in amazing weaves and textures was another trend that I saw. This pattern from Jaipur comes in various colours.

More information: Jaipur

Three yarn felt rugs from Surya showed actual diversity. I enjoy the wide bands of neutrals with vibrant accent stitching on the center rug.

Behind this one, long square strips of felt were bound together into stripes. And on the right, square strips of felt were cut short to make an exceptionally chunky yet tender feel.

More information: Surya

But my personal favorite was this long, deep shag made from thin, square strips of felt.

More information: Surya

This is what the Surya carpet resembles from farther back. It’s so plush and deep. Definitely on my list of must-haves.

More information: Surya

Wood and Resin

Another intriguing combination of substances I saw was wood and resin. These fascinating side tables from Four Hands are made from branches suspended at a pattern in transparent resin.

More information: Four Hands

Taracea used black resin to fill in cracks and also the advantages of live-edge wood.

More information: Taracea

The black resin creates a stunning pattern, highlighting the natural splitting of the wood. The method also prevents clogs from getting down within the cracks with no necessity for a glass cover on top.

More information: Taracea

Reclaimed Materials

Art, accessories and furnishings created from recycled, reclaimed and repurposed items are still win fans.

This wall of vibrant discs from the Phillips Collection is made from old oil drum pieces.

More information: Phillips Collection

Meanwhile, Philips Collection used the rims of those oil drums to make a stunning room divider.

Even the more conventional furniture makers are beginning to include materials like reclaimed wood. This conventional canopy bed from Brownstone is just 1 example.

More information: Brownstone Furniture

In this close-up of this bed frame, you can see the nail holes all the way up the wood from its former life as heaven knows what.

High Tech

Our love of technology continues to shape our furniture. I discovered replicated examples of furniture with places for concealing and charging laptops, cell phones and more.

This sofa from Eurosace sports a track arm which lifts up and swivels to make a place to decide on a laptop or tablet computer on.

More information: Eurosace

Beneath the arm has been storage area using plug-in access for electronic equipment.

On top of that, it is a sofa bed.

At the end of a long economy, what more could I want than a location where I could kick back and relax while I charged up my laptop and wrote this ideabook?

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