Guest Picks: Shelving and Contemporary Bookcases

Guest Picks: Shelving and Contemporary Bookcases

I have a constant battle with the number of novels in my house, so I am always on the lookout for more bookcases and shelving. Thankfully there are some stunning contemporary options on the market, many of which add style and artistic attributes, in addition to practical storage solutions. Below are a few of my favorites. — Rachel out of Fresh Design Blog

Graham and Green

Metal CD, DVD or Bookshelves – GBP 40

For all those times when you just require a little bit of room to house a book, these mini picture frame–fashion shelves are great.

Produced in Layout

Opus Incertum Bookcase – GBP 246

I love the honeycomb effect of the bookcase. Multiple pieces can be put together to create larger shelving.

Produced in Layout

Bookworm Shelf, White – GBP 232

Appropriately named, the Bookworm shelf provides a fantastic fluid look on a wall.


Vitra Storage Unit ESU Bookcase – GBP 1,804

This design classic provides stylish shelving for publications on both open shelves and in cupboards. I love the colors and the Lego-esque consequences.


B&B Italia Shelf X Extra-Large Bookcase – GBP 4,666

This beautiful modern bookcase can also double as a space divider. The open shelves are livened up with angular points.

Modern Sliding Door Bookcase, Yes – GBP 354.80

There are instances when you don’t want your books on screen, so this bookcase with a sliding panel door is ideal.

The Conran Shop

Penguin Donkey – GBP 650

I love the Penguin Donkey! It is a great piece of furniture design at its own right, however it is also a fully functional book shelf with several shelves and compartments.

Cross Walnut Shelves – $1,289

This is a very smart design. At first glance you may be forgiven for wondering how in the world you are going to get books stacked on here, but once you start placing them on, they fit quite well between the spaces provided. It is somewhat like a giant bookcase puzzle!


Boogie Woogie Shelving System – GBP 152

What sets this modular shelving unit apart is its shiny finish and curved design.


Emotion Bookcase – GBP 1,576

This is a slick and simple bookcase for rooms in which space is constrained. It may be customized, so you can move the shelves around as you wish.


Novel Porcupine – $2,003.63

This designer Novel Porcupine is a compact method of storing publications in a fun and fantastic way.


Jesse Open Range Modular Bookcase System – GBP 650

A massive wall of bookcase space? Yes, please! This furniture design is modular, so that it can take up as much of the wall as you wish.

Move Modern Furniture

Mix Bookcase – GBP 460

This slick and stylish shelf unit is perfect for use in a modern home. There’s just enough room to add favorite novels and other ornamental accessories. It would be ideal for a living room.

Switch Modern

Oblique Bookshelf – $1,664

This unusual leaning bookcase is created for the publications you want to showcase.

Traditional Bookcases – GBP 775

This bookcase is filled with the charms of the industrial chic fashion. There’s plenty of space on the shelves for a good level of book storage.


Finley Home The Caldwell Stackable Horizontal Bookcase – $189.99

This flat bookcase is very good for use in a bedroom.


I love the notion of drifting bookshelves, and these bark types have a nice all-natural feel.

Tom Schneider

Eclipse Shelves – GBP 1,895

These are well-designed and stunning rounded shelves. They likely won’t hold a large number of books, but I really like the smooth lines of the piece of furniture.

John Lewis

Lean Bookcase, Black – GBP 99

This very simple and minimalist piece of furniture was designed for a modern and modern home.

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