Guest Picks: Planters and 20 Uncommonly Attractive Pots

Guest Picks: Planters and 20 Uncommonly Attractive Pots

I am a huge fan of nature (well, that isn’t?) , so I crave that the freshness and vibrancy of leafy plants within my home. I also love imagination and style, however, so I want the coolest pots and planters with an unconventional look. Listed below are 20 that I’d really like to fill with greenery within my house. — Eleni in My Paradissi


Living Wall Art – $49

These cork-mounted flowers mimic a garden in a subtle and simple way.

Translucent Drop Terrarium – EUR 1,398

A leather strap gives this teardrop-shaped terrarium a touch of rustic design.


‘Agrestis’ Ceramic & Glass Terrarium by Pagan Pottery – $45

This spiky ceramic planter with its recycled glass dome is so cute. I really like the shape and that it’s handmade and contains recycled materials.


Cast Wood Planter, Small – $50

It looks like distressed wood, but this planter is actually made from lightweight and eco friendly concrete. Sounds cool, right?


Self-Watering Planter – $50

This self-watering planter is excellent for people who often kill plants. Just pour some water at its heart, and the absorbent terra-cotta is going to keep the plants hydrated.

West Elm

Glass Terrariums – $59

These delicate terrariums are made from handblown glass, which makes them exceptional and very striking.


Mason Jar Wall Planter by Chateau Gerard – $49

I can clearly envision growing my blossoms in such hanging jar pots.

Olive & Cocoa

Succulent Frog – $48

How fun is this low-maintenance frog succulent planter?


Eggling Crack ‘n’ Grow – $11

These porcelain eggs are such a fantastic idea! Just break the shell and await your little plant to sprout.


Wally One Indoor+Outdoor Living Wall – $39

I am a sucker for vertical gardens. Why hang artwork when you can have part of nature on your wall?


Three-Ring Mountable Planter – $25

These small, galvanized hanging pots can add the natural world to the tiniest of rooms.


Color-Blocked City Planter – $205

If you are a lover of industrial design, contemporary lines and straight-cut forms, this wall planter is just for you.

Owen & Fred

Moss Desktop Plant – $70

This is the simplest terrarium to look after. Actually, the only thing you need to do is water it every two weeks and respect it.


Chalkboard Wall Planter – $139.95

A vertical backyard on a chalkboard? I love this idea, and I’d be pleased to place it in my own kitchen.

Another Studio

Plantini Miniature Hothouse – GBP 24.95

This mini metallic Plantini garden can be assembled and admired in the home. It is so whimsical!

Urban Outfitters

Window Box Vases – $39

This wooden box makes a fantastic decoration for your window sill. Just plant whatever you want in the little glass jars and watch them grow.

Urban Outfitters

Glass House Terrarium – $49

This terrarium looks like a miniature glass home, and pardon my subjectivity, but it’s my favorite thing on the list.

Eklektisch Blumenkübel & -töpfe – EUR 75

Tristan Zimmermann made this mini urban park scene from porcelain, and the plant serves as the background. It is such a cool idea.


Ceramic Modular Planter – $28

These modular planters can take any creation you like, which means that you can have a different design for every day.


Planter Bookends – $58

I really like multipurpose products. This cork planter is intended to function as a bookend too.

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