Guest Groups: I'm Dreaming of a Wide Walk-In

Guest Groups: I'm Dreaming of a Wide Walk-In

Not all people can manage a lavish walk-in closet the size of New Hampshire. Some people must make do with the space we’ve been jobless, which most of us know is way too small. Here are some practical ways to introduce less turmoil to the area of your house you would rescue in case of a natural catastrophe. — Ellen from Nouveau Stitch


Shoe Wheel – $65

Having one of those off days where you really can’t decide which shoes go with your outfit? That’s no problem when you have this useful shoe storage spinning-wheel perform your opting for you — but please see the enclosed disclaimer absolving the maker of responsibility for poorly coordinated ensembles.


Homz Dry Cleaning Bags – $21.51

Keep this bundle of”dry clean only” clothing from sight by hiding it in this unobtrusive storage bag. It’s good to grab and go. Obviously, be sure to secure a small loan from the bank until you redeem your claim check.

Hangers Direct

Top Hanger with Notches, Velvet – $116.95

Give yourself a present by substituting those freebie cable hangers with a neat matching set. If Martha Stewart drops by, she will be amazed, and you’ll likely be offered a section on her show that has been previously reserved for Stephen Covey.

The Container Store

Platinum elfa Mesh Closet Drawers – $134.97

These net drawers enable your clothing to breathe, removing DSDO (disgusting stale drawer odor).

The Container Store

Hanger Hamper – $7.99

Excess hangers occupy space in which space is at a premium. Purge the hangers and store them in their very own hamper.

The Container Store

Lanca Stainless Steel Valet Flip-Down Hook – $29.99

Packing? Use this fold-down hanging bar to carefully coordinate your outfits until the bag handlers at the airport rip them to shreds and/or pilfer them.

The Container Store

Aromatic Charcoal Sachets – $4.99

These are ideal for removing shoe odor, especially from 20-year-old hiking boots which somebody insists are”just getting broken in” despite a curious black”insole” which seems to be breathing.


White Wire Shelf Dividers – $7.99

No longer leaning tower of sweaters! Brilliant!

Modern Armchairs – $1,475

In case you have space to really sit down on your closet, you’re my hero. Lounge with this tufted wonder as you facilitate on the Louboutins — it creates a superb laundry heap –holding station. Your choice.


IGLU for Handbags and Shoes – $52

Here is the best way to display your precious handbags, or it is just a colorful reminder of the number of tens of thousands of dollars you’ve invested in luggage you’ve probably only used once.


Boost Step Stool – $29.99

This is a slightly more practical solution than dragging in the suspension ladder for getting to all those skinny jeans up top you like to revisit from time to time.

Contemporary Hooks And Hangers – $5.99

If you maintain your scarves this coordinated, the facts show Hoarders will not come sniffing around.


Komplement Storage with Compartments – $20

Roll em up and put’em away. Clean socks from the pair.


SKUBB Clothes Cover, Black – $9.99

These garment bags are guaranteed to hide your most recent designer purchase from prying eyesnonetheless, that the Visa statement is on you.


Slide-Out Belt Rack – $45.42

Hook you up with some hooks? Done.

The Container Store

Bamboo Charcoal Tall Boot Shapers – $19.99

Shape, contour, shape! Shape, contour, shape! Shape your booties!

Barre Army Navy Store

Single Manage Foot Locker – $66.95

Place all that junk in your trunk. I will not judge.


Slice Laundry Basket, Large – $234.50

Air your dirty laundry. No really, air your dirty laundry in this hamper!

Bolton Furniture, Inc..

Links Storage Baskets, Black – $32.11

These practical baskets come in six great colors. 1 day I might actually color coordinate the clothing in my closet with color-coordinated storage containers. And again, 1 day I might wash my closet so that I can learn what color my clothing really is.

Chic Shelf Paper

Cornflower Tiles Shelf Paper & Drawer Liner – $2.50

This is too cool: customizable shelf paper/drawer liners in tons of patterns along with your selection of fabric, paper, canvas or vinyl stuff. Big win!

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