Find Out if Solar Energy is Right for Your Home

Find Out if Solar Energy is Right for Your Home

According to recent reports, 2017 is among the hottest recorded years. Unfortunately, the global temperature rise creates many serious problems for every single one of us. To decrease the environmental impact and protect our environment, more and more homeowners are going “green,” seeking out an alternative energy source.

Among the available renewable energy sources, solar power is the most popular choice because it is effective in reducing carbon emissions and providing substantial savings. Choosing alternative energy is not just good for our planet – it’s also a wise financial investment.

Homeowners, businesses, organizations, and governments are all adopting the use of solar panel installation. Every year, residential solar companies are formed in order to meet the expanding market’s demand. Regardless of its availability and popularity, solar energy isn’t a good idea for everyone. To know whether you can benefit from the use of solar panels, keep on reading.

Factors to Consider Before You Rely Completely on Solar Energy

Location – In every state, there are service providers that offer solar panel installation. If you are currently living in an area where there’s significant cloud cover, we suggest you don’t make the switch to solar energy because solar energy need direct sunlight to produce electricity.

Energy Habits – Does your utility bill cost you a thousand or hundreds of dollars a month? If yes, then solar energy will offer you huge potential savings. This is because the savings will outweigh the investment. Remember that energy generation corresponds with need; therefore, during a summer afternoon when there’s bright light, a household’s energy needs rise and there’s an increase in solar energy generation.

Roof Style – In order to maximize the exposure of solar panels to the sun, the panels of your roofing must meet specific requirements. Most service providers will not advise an installation if the roof needs a replacement in 15 years. Furthermore, trees, flat roofs, and steep pitches will cast a shadow, limiting sun exposure and reducing the efficacy of the system. When the roof is facing south and it’s made of concrete tiles or composite shingles, then that’s when conditions are best. Talk to a solar expert or professional installer to know whether your roofing meets the requirements.

Your Wallet – There are many ways to purchase and install solar power. Also, several financial incentives are given out in order to help alleviate the costs that are associated with the transition to solar energy. Some solar companies even offer a free installation to make the solar energy systems more affordable.

In addition to the immediate savings, homeowners who opt for solar energy will enjoy a much lower utility bill and an increased home value. In 20 years, a homeowner that relies on solar energy is expected to have savings amounting to $20,000.

Solar technology is getting more affordable and available every passing day. For most homeowners, solar energy is a cost-effective and practical approach to smart energy consumption. Whether you are ready to have solar panels installed or not, be a conscientious energy consumer by making small, simple changes that will decrease your daily energy consumption.