DIY Bathroom Remodel

DIY Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is probably one of the most frequently used spaces in the home, so it makes sense that it requires some TLC to update it every now and then. plumber Fresno CA can be a fun and creative endeavor, and you can do it all on your own, depending on the amount of time and expertise required to execute your particular vision for the remodel.

You can totally feel justified in doing the remodel yourself if there are only a few elegant and simple tasks to be completed. However, you might need the assistance of a professional builder if the plans you have in mind involve working with plumbing or electric fixtures, so as to avoid any accidental and costly damage.

Here are a few DIY bathroom remodeling tips to make the job a little easier:


Creative contrast is always a great way to spruce up any room, and you can interpret this very popular trend into your bathroom by painting your walls in a matte deep black color, against white finishes and cabinets, and then add yellow flowers in a translucent vase for a superb finish. The result is simple and elegant.


Changing the tiling on your bathroom walls or floor is an intensive job that requires a lot of focus, as it comprises a lot of intricate work such as measuring the spaces where you’ll be laying the tiles. You have to cut them accurately and remove tiles from tight corners, only to work those corners again to insert new ones. All in all, tiling is worth the time and energy you’ll spend working on it, but it does require a fair amount of work.


If your Fresno plumbers project requires you to knock down walls or anything like that, then you’ll do well to consult with a professional builder just to make sure that you don’t end up damaging any of the electric wires or plumbing that’s hidden behind the walls.

Fixture Replacement

Updating your bathroom through small changes like replacing your current doorknobs and faucets with antique looking ones, or getting yourself one of those coveted rain shower showerheads that they use in luxury villas is a relatively small and simple task that you can easily complete on your own. There are plenty of DIY remodeling websites that offer step-by-step tips that anyone can follow, including you.


One of the most annoying aspects of DIY Fresno plumbing is all the dust and dirt that comes with it, which often spread over to other rooms in your home. You can mitigate the mess by covering the floors on the passageways leading up to your bathroom door so that none of the dirt gets on your carpets. Also, collect all the materials that you’ll be using during the remodel, including the tools, hardware, and fixtures and have them placed in one location, so that you can complete the job in no time!

Lastly, have a temporary bath setup so that you don’t get stressed out while waiting for the remodel to get finished. Your plumber will probably charge no more than $500 to set up a temporary bath and toilet in your basement and this is a very helpful solution if the bathroom you’re renovating is the only one in your home.