Be Bold, Be Brave With Color

Be Bold, Be Brave With Color

Are you mad about color but worried if you throw a smorgasbord of shades into your house that certain onlookers will shudder? Well, for everybody who told there was some set pattern of rules to follow with color, banish their advice! You don’t need to stick with only one or two shades, and they definitely do not have to be matchy-matchy throughout a room.

Lest you need your house’s interior to feel like a page torn out of a catalogue, embrace your love for many different bold shades and express it . Wondering how others have pulled it off? Take a glimpse at these photos. Long live color!

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Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Interior designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd is the queen of color. Her spaces always burst with bright shades which make her spaces dancing with liveliness. By blending the hot colors of crimson, magenta and lime green with taming neutral shades and animal prints, the appearance gets perfectly balanced instead of overpowering.

Mega Builders

Kitchens get in the simple habit of being pretty basic with regard to color. Set yours besides the neighbors by splashing it with vibrant neon colors. The green countertop windows got in on the act in this picture.

Greifenstein Boyce Associates

Ease into the color spectrum by beginning with your chairs. Settle on a style that you like, then choose them in many different colors. The look is fresh and surprising.

Elad Gonen

There are times that you get your entire dose of color in one piece of furniture. This oversize couch not only fulfills the color requirement but could potentially fit the whole family, plus traffic.


Here’s an enjoyable tub that does the same thing. Ditch your everyday white bathtub with this model and your bathroom will never be the same.

Judith Balis Interiors

Step one: Paint your bedroom walls your beloved bright colors.

Step two: Purchase a bedspread that’s soaked in many different vivacious colors to match your walls and make the space come alive.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Think about a citrus motif: Yellows, oranges and greens look balanced and fresh when paired. Set them on a neutral backdrop in order that they really pop.

Peregrine Design Build

Here is a fun idea: if you have an integrated bookcase, paint the exterior wall of this bookcase one bold color, then paint each interior part of this bookcase a variety of unique colors. The colors will produce both a focal point and a background for all of the goodies on the shelves.

Unleash your love for throw pillows! Pillows are one of the greatest methods to quickly amp up color, plus they’re a whole lot cheaper than replacing an entire sofa. Line your own neutral-colored furniture using a rainbow of throw pillows to re-ignite your space with vibrancy.

Mal Corboy Design

Think high-gloss royal and yellow purple doesn’t belong in the kitchen? This film is here to show you otherwise. This bold statement is anything but a bore, and also the graphic cabinets sneak in extra texture.

Exteriorscapes llc

Backyards have a tendency to be more casual spaces, so they’re a spot to actually let loose. Express your color creativity by painting your weapon and benches different colors, and add bright accessories to decorate the area.

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