8 Qualities of Great Interior Design

8 Qualities of Great Interior Design

Like art, interior design speaks to all of us differently. For me great design comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone, mixing paints, fabrics and textures in unique ways. However, for others great design is all about simplicity, clean lines and modern furniture.

No matter your style, interior layout ought to have a personality. Have a peek at the brightly designed spaces here and the qualities that make them so excellent. Maybe they will inspire a layout of your own!

Lori Gentile Interior Design

Glamour. Polished lines and exotic substances offer this living room a glamorous appearance that sets it apart. The floor-to-ceiling bookcase has a metallic wall covering on the back to create a focal point. Although each piece of furniture is upholstered in a unique plush fabric, all of them sing the same song.

Elizabeth Gordon

Symmetry. This living area’s symmetrical design brings the eye instantly around the wallpapered ceiling and ceiling fixture. The displays in the back of the room anchor the space, focusing attention on the remarkably tall object of art within the fireplace.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Contrast. Although the contemporary sleek black desk and lampshade stand out as the immediate focal attraction inside this bedroom, I love how the retro fur accent chairs comparison with them along with the quirky zebra painted table. An oversize mirror rests against the wall for elevation, while the pops of yellowish around the area are bright and cheery.

Van Wicklen Layout

Harmony. Soft color tones and vibrant Shabby Chic style are more than welcoming in this particular guest bedroom. Below a peach painted ceiling, the focal wall is adorned with a ’70s large-print wall covering. Identical white beds in colors of blue-green are harmoniously placed across the area from the slipcovered wingback chair. A sisal rug placed on the diagonal visually connects each side of the space.

Furnished by Anna

Coziness. When handled just like a stone box, little rooms become cozy rather than cramped. The wallpaper and fuchsia lamps onto the back wall of the room instantly capture focus, drawing the eye to the back of the room to create the illusion of space. The plush cushions, coverlet and wall-to-wall rugs provide the room additional softness, inviting you to come in and snuggle up.

Chronicle Books

Boldness. Despite all the white tile this bathroom does anything but play it safe. The ceiling has been reduced with a picture rail that wraps around the room along with paint. The bold shower curtain and freestanding bookcase are modern touches that comparison with the more conventional elements.

Dick Clark + Associates

Playfulness. This child’s bathroom does not need color on the walls to feel fantastic and fun. Accessories in yellow, green, pink and orange give it a whimsical look without getting away from your classic finishes. And I love how the round mirrors match the carpeting circles, bringing stability into all parts of the room.

Erica George Dines Photography

Coordination. The overstuffed chairs within this chic man cave match the two accent chairs on the opposite side of the room for one uniform color combination. The all-white painted brick wall, full size draperies and firewood are complementary textures instead of additional focal points.

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Inform us What are your must-have components for great design? Just how do you brought them?

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